What is the Economic Development Authority?

The Economic Development Authority is a chartered organization of the Tohono O'odham Nation whose overall objective is the acquisition, development, and operation of businesses for the benefit of the Tohono O'odham Nation.


In 1997 the Tohono O'odham Nation held a special election. Out of that initiative an economic task force was created by Executive Order #97-004 in August of 1997. One of the duties of the task force was to come up with an economic development plan. Under the economic development plan was the establishment of three entities, the Economic Development Authority was one of those entities.


In April of 2001 The Tohono O'odham Legislative Council approved Resolution #01-141 adopting the original charter and funding plan for the Economic Development Authority which was amended with Resolution #01-142 making it a separate entity of the Nation. On November 1, 2001 the EDA become fully operational. The latest amendments to the charter and plan of operation were approved by the Legistlative Council in August of 2013 with Resolution #13-324.

The purpose of the Economic Development Authority is:


  • To establish, own, and operate financially, self-sustaining, and successful business enterprises to generate diversified revenue streams on and by the Nation, 

  • To promote economic development on the Tohono O'odham Nation by establishing, developing, and diversifying business opportunities for members of the Nation, communities, and districts, 

  • To attract outside funding in support of economic development on the Nation by securing grants, loans, and equity capital from sources outside the Nation.