What can we do for you?


The purpose of the Economic Development Authority is to serve as an asset for all tribal members, communities, and districts. We are a resource for the Nation's members that are looking at different or new avenues for economic development. Below are a few examples of the types of services and products we offer.  As always, you can contact our office to get more information, or to set up an appointment with our staff to discuss utilizing our services and products.



Day Vendor Spaces


The Economic Development Authority operates five traditional watos in the Day Vendors Court at the Tohono Plaza. These spaces are available to any vendor looking to sell food, arts, set up an informational booth, etc.


Spaces are rented out daily on a first come, first served basis. All vendors are required to fill out an application and receive a certificate authorizing them to sell in the space. Applications can be picked up at the EDA Office, or you can download a copy by clicking on the Word icon next to the "Day Vendor Spaces." For more information you may call the EDA Office at (520) 383-2900/2901. 

Sunshine Ice Sales


The Economic Development Authority also operates Sunshine Ice Sales which offers bags of ice at a low-cost price. Customers can come in and purchase single or multiple bags of ice at one time, or they can open an an account with us.


If a customer wishes to open an account, they can choose to purchase the minimum required bags or more, and they can come in and pick up as many bags as they'd like until their account is depleted. We also deliver bags of ice, but there is a mileage fee. Sunshine Ice Sales is operated out of our office in Sells, Arizona.

Presentations to Members of the Nation


The employees of the EDA have also gone out to the communities and districts to give presentations on the various branches of economic and business development. We have presented on the basics of what a business is: what a business plan is and how to begin drafting one, examples of start-up costs, what an income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet are used for, etc. These are all the necessary components of running your own business. 


The EDA has also done presentations on organizational structure and how to best utilize your employees to get the maximum performance out of your company. 


We are more than willing to put together a presentation and present it to you and your members on any topic of economic and business development. 



Investment Consultation


One of the goals of the EDA is to help members of the Nation find new venues of economic development. When a member, community, or district of the Nation finds something they believe is a solid investment we're more than willing to look at all aspects of the investment with them.


We have conducted site analyses, business reviews, and projections for different districts of the Nation. We're more than willing to offer these services for any tribal member that is interested in making an investment. 


If you have an investment you're thinking about going into such as purchasing a business, raw land, etc., but are unsure of the quality of the investment we'd be more than willing to help review it with you.

Business Plan Review


At the Economic Development Authority we have employees who have years of experience in owning and operating businesses. We are always open to sharing any knowledge or advice in these areas with any member, community, or district on the Nation.


We would love to review your business plan and offer any advice or pointers that will mold your plan into the best it can be before moving forward. We can also point you in the direction of additional resources that you may utilize on your journey to becoming a business owner.  

Business/Personal Loans


One question the Economic Development Authority frequently receives is: do we offer business or personal loans to tribal members? The answer is we do not. Unfortunately the EDA is not set up for that purpose.


As a part of the original economic development plan the EDA was one of three entities to be created to help foster economic growth for our Nation. The second entity was the Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). The EDA created the CDFI to offer services that are designed to promote, encourage and foster economic growth. As a part of that mission they do offer loans to tribal members. 


For more information on the CDFI you can contact their office at (520) 383-0790.